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Dr. Rand Jackson

  • Dr. Jackson is very knowledgeable and helped reduce my fibromyalgia pain symptoms. This made a huge difference in my quality of life as I am able to function much better now because of his work. My family members visit the office as well since the doctor assists people of all ages. The wife is very hospitable too and they both are good people that treat their clients very well. I highly recommend this practice for all members of the family.

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  • I’ve been seeing Dr. Jackson for 7 yrs. for maintenance care of my lower back. Whenever my back goes out a little, I call him up and he gets me right in. In fact, I went today and I’m already feeling better!!! Dr. Jackson is very knowledgeable if you are not interested in being on medication for pain. He and his wife are friendly and hospitable always. I highly recommend him if you are looking to live your best possible pain free life WITHOUT meds. 😉

    Show More - Stephanie W.
  • Dr. Jackson is amazing. I highly recommend him for all your chiropractor needs.

    - Delia B
  • One of the best in Bakersfield, and highly recommended.

    - Norel G